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Dare to Reach Your Goals Faster!

How often do you find yourself saying:
"I wish I knew how to reach my goals faster"?

We can help with that!

This system provides you with the tools necessary to continually add to your contact list, duplicate training and build that business to last a lifetime that you dream of!

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Great Posture Begins With a Professional Image

Fresh Innovative Websites & Captures Pages

  • Professional Websites – personally branded to you
  • Match your online message to your ideal prospect.
  • Give a big business feel on a budget of only $19.95 a month
  • Capture pages for various marketing strategies

$1 for the first 30 Days

Generate More Leads Using These Proven Methods

Article Marketing: A proven technique for generating leads on the internet is sharing valuable information through social media platforms. Our Article Marketing system allows you to share valuable material like a professional blogger, without the headache of constantly creating content.

Target Marketing: Video marketing tool that gives you the ability to “send information” to keep your prospects interested and help you set the appointment for a full overview. Informative videos available for product shoppers and business builder prospects.

$1 for the first 30 Days

Enroll Members Easily with Less Resistance

Interactive Product Checklist

  • Decrease resistance to the 35-product point minimum and inform prospects of the full breadth of our product line by incorporating the Product Checklist into your Melaleuca Overview.
  • Draw attention to current purchasing habits, and relate them to our product line through the utilization of our checklist tool.
  • Obtain a detailed shopping list with pricing and points for future follow up use.

$1 for the first 30 Days

Build More Directors, Faster.

Duplicatable Director Building Tools

Leaders know the duplication of directors is the first step to achieving the business of your dreams. Our dynamic success formula teaches you how to develop directors while duplicating throughout your entire team

Business Partner Basics: This next step, after an overview, ensures all your Category 2’s & 3’s have basic business building information at their fingertips and notifies you when they start and complete it.

Accelerated Path To Director: Any goal without a plan is just a wish. This training gives your new business partner the action steps necessary to achieve director status as fast as possible.

Status Advance. It’s No Accident.

TPN University Courses & Training Library

No matter where you are, our mentors have been there. Gain personal insight, which you can apply to achieve your next goal, in actionable steps.

University Courses:

  • Moving Forward & Reaching Director: First 30 Days
  • From Director to Director 3: Building Belief & Becoming a Coach
  • Overcoming Resistance: Why We are Different
  • In-Homes: Do’s & Don’ts, How to Invite
  • The Overview: Training on How to Best Present the Melaleuca Overview
  • Retention & Follow-up: The Fortune is in the Follow-up
  • Compensation Package: Details & Placement
  • Social Media: Integrating & Policy
  • Personal Development: The Biggest Key to a Better Future is YOU!
  • The Book Club: Learn Something New
  • From Director 3 to Senior: Building on Your Strengths & Assemble Your Team
  • Leadership Connection Library: Access to Hundreds of Business & Product Trainings
  • The Products: 50+ Training Documents and Videos

$1 for the first 30 Days

Easily Perform Critical Activities From Your Phone

Interactive Mobile App

Leverage the small blocks of time that you have available by working smarter, not harder. Use our mobile app to prospect, share information and interact with your contacts while your waiting for your doctor’s appointment or your take out.

Available On...

$1 for the first 30 Days

Your Opportunities: Organized and Efficient.

Powerful Contact Manger

Staying organized and following up are the two biggest areas of missed opportunities in the business world. Manage your contacts through a simple yet powerful contact management system, which gives you the ability to work as efficiently as possible. Pre-written, fully-customizable instant emails and timed auto-responders ensure contact when you are not available. An integrated calendar that syncs with your phone via the mobile app gives you the organizational edge to an effective prospecting and customer management process.

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